What would it be like for your school if all the students bravely did their imperfect best to go full speed for what they really want instead of procrastinating?

Jason encourages students to do their imperfect best, to take consistent practical action towards their dreams, whether that next action is studying well for the history test the next morning or asking the person they have a crush on out.   Jason tells stories of how he spent much of his life sitting on the sidelines, waiting to do his dreams perfectly instead of taking action on them.  Then he shares how he has found tremendous success in life by taking consistent imperfect action.

Jason offers these stories as well as practical actions the audience can take to do their imperfect best.  Jason will have everybody going through emotions from laughter to tears to laughter again as they learn.

“Jason Freeman is a true motivational speaker on an important life mission. Jason speaks and shares his wisdom in ways that uniquely engage, touch, and inspire the audience. He beautifully embodies his own message about bravery and (im)perfection.”

Yea-Wen Chen

Assistant Professor, San Diego State University

“Jason Freeman took my students from zero to 60 in under ten seconds… I’ve had the privilege of seeing Freeman speak to students and professionals, and without question he’s one of the best – highly recommended!”

Gary Dop

Writer and Professor