“I have had the honor of witnessing many speakers inspire and rejuvenate an audience but Jason Freeman ranks among the best! He connects with teachers and students alike and brings us to a place of understanding, empathy and empowerment. He’s sincere, engaging and hilarious!”

Genein Letford

2015 Charter Teacher of the Year

What would it be like for your school if your students confronted their challenges with more bravery?

Jason encourages students to be brave, to love themselves and to step beyond their comfort zones.  He tells stories of how he struggled in school because he felt like he was so different than everyone else.  He talks about how he sometimes gave into fear, and how he often sat on the sidelines instead of going for what he truly wanted.  Then he shares how he triumphed in life.

Jason offers these stories in an interactive way that keeps students engaged and going through emotions from laughter to tears to laughter again.