Whenever I speak, I do so from the depth of my heart, holding up a candle in the dark room to say “It’s OK that you struggle with perfectionism and not only is it ok to release yourself from this struggle but the world is giving you permission at every turn.”  See, when we give up on the things we are passionate about out of fear of doing them imperfectly, not only do we miss out on living part of our dream, but the world loses out on what benefits your dream may have brought it.

By doing their imperfect best, kids can learn to love themselves and respect their peers, college students can learn to stop stressing and procrastinating indefinitely and start taking actions toward their dreams. Business teams can learn to better communicate, pursue new ideas with joy, and keep working towards their vision until they succeed. 

My presentations are customized to make each one its own unique and special experience.  You deserve to love your life, so let’s learn to do it . . . now.

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