“Going through Jason Freeman’s coaching program has given me a sense of confidence that I didn’t know existed within me.  Moreover, Jason’s unique process has opened me up to be more comfortable in my own skin than I have ever been before – truly enlightening. The fear of public speaking used to own me, but after completing Jason’s program, that fear simply no longer exists.”

Jeff Lawson

graphic designer, entrepreneur, and public speaker


Let Jason Freeman guide you as you learn to transform your biggest challenges into your biggest assets.

You want a bravery coach who has walked the walk, albeit imperfectly, and bravely confronted challenges since the day he was born.  

 Jason helps you:  

  • Look At Your Challenge with Fresh Eyes
  • Recognize that Change is Truly Possible
  • Take a Rest from Approaching Your Challenges with the “Same Old” Frustrated Patterns
  • Revise Your Approach to Your Challenges
  • Open the Way to New Results

Imperfect Best Coaching sessions:   $49 first one hour session special   $150 per one hour session   $500 for a 4 one hour session pack   $800 for 8 one hour session pack   Book sessions through the on-line calendar   Jason’s Bravery Coaching is designed and intended to help you reach for your Imperfect Best.  It is not designed or intended to be a substitute for crisis intervention or medical care.

“Jason created a space for me to give myself permission to just speak my truth about the subjects and I was interested in sharing.  Because of this, I was able to fulfill a dream I had had for many years, of getting on stage and speaking from the heart without notes.”

Traci Robinson

transformational coach, high end real estate broker

“When I began the program, I believed that Jason was going to help me change—

change myself, change my life. But here’s the thing: Jason isn’t in the business of changing people. Jason Freeman is a guide who uses his incredible sense of direction to help us figure out where we need to go in our lives and the best way to get there.

 Always patient, always kind, Jason will not lead you away from yourself, he will call you to move deeper within yourself so that you might locate the strength, beauty, and resilience that has been there all along, waiting.

 I am a better writer, a better teacher, a better mother, and a better wife because I made the leap and signed on to work with Jason. Jason will not change your life; he will transform you.”

Satisfied Client

name withheld to preserve confidentiality