We all want to realize our potential.

Unfortunately, we often hold ourselves back out of fear of not getting it right or appearing imperfect.  If I had waited for perfection before I attempted public speaking, I would have missed one of the most rewarding parts of my life.  When we convince ourselves that our dreams are unattainable, we often don’t attempt to realize them.  However, when we give ourselves the freedom to do our best and pursue our dreams, imperfections and all, we give ourselves one of the greatest gifts we will ever know.

When we give ourselves the freedom to do our best and pursue our dreams, imperfections and all, we give ourselves one of the greatest gifts we will ever know.


The "Imperfect Best" Concept

Doing our “Imperfect Best” is one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves and the world.  The phrase “Imperfect Best” describes a liberating attitude toward life.  Doing our imperfect best means accepting that even when we do our best, there will often be  mistakes, flaws, and rough edges.  These mistakes, flaws, and rough edges add to the beauty of who we are and give us power to connect with others.  What a gift!

Whenever I speak, I do so from the depth of my heart, holding up a candle in the dark room to say “It’s OK that you struggle with perfectionism and not only is it ok to release yourself from this struggle but the world is giving you permission at every turn.”  See, when we give up on the things we are passionate about out of fear of doing them imperfectly, not only do we miss out on living part of our dream, but the world loses out on what benefits your dream may have brought it.

By doing their imperfect best, kids can learn to love themselves and respect their peers, college students can learn to stop stressing and procrastinating indefinitely and start taking actions toward their dreams. Business teams can learn to better communicate, pursue new ideas with joy, and keep working towards their vision until they succeed. 

My presentations are customized to make each one its own unique and special experience.  You deserve to love your life, so let’s learn to do it . . . now.

As a Professional Speaker myself, I have spent the last seven years working on my skills and knowledge to be able to present successfully to audiences around the world.  Your presentation left me speechless and in tears.  Not many can speak from the heart in the way you did.  I’m jealous…

Merv Neal

CEO, Maurant Business Associates

“Going through Jason Freeman’s coaching program has given me a sense of confidence that I didn’t know existed within me.  Moreover, Jason’s unique process has opened me up to be more comfortable in my own skin than I have ever been before – truly enlightening. The fear of public speaking used to own me, but after completing Jason’s program, that fear simply no longer exists.”

Jeff Lawson

graphic designer, entrepreneur, and public speaker

Do Your Imperfect Best one-on-one with me and learn to transform your biggest challenges into your biggest assets.

With me, you get a “bravery coach”, in your corner, who has walked the walk and bravely confronted challenges since the day he was born. 

I’ll Help YOU:

• Look at Your Challenge with Fresh Eyes

• Recognize That Change is Truly Possible

• Take a Rest from Approaching Your Challenge with the  
  Same Old Frustrated Thoughts and Actions

• Revise Your Approach to Your Challenges and Open the
  Way to New Results